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Gloria Budd

Role : Mental Training Coach

Having worked in motorsport since 1978 in various managing roles covering Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Sports Cars, Champ Car, etc. Gloria left motorsport for a short time to study Sports Therapy and began working in International Tennis and Football as well as Motorsport.

Over a period time Gloria noticed that the difference in winning and losing was largely attributable to the mindset and so she embarked on a new and exciting area of her life - performance coaching. Gloria trained as a Master Practitioner in NLP and a Trainers Trainer in Hypnosis and has utilised these skills very successfully in both sport and business.

Specialising in a technique named Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Gloria uses her skills to help athletes improve their game. In 2001, for example, she helped a little-known tennis player named Barry Cowan calm his nerves and qualify for Wimbledon before he created an unlikely moment in sporting history. Using the NLP techniques practiced with Gloria, Barry bravely became the first player to take the indefatigable Pete Sampras to five sets

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