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Since January 2014 Living Tennis have been the professional tennis advisors for Claires Court and delivers the extension and elite tennis coaching to supplement the work of the PE department, both on the school's three sites and at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre. The partnership with Claires Court as the academic providers for the Living Tennis Pro Academy (ages 12 -18) permits the most talented players to take their tennis further whilst retaining a core of academic study. Living Tennis has an exclusive discount with Claires Court for Living Tennis Pro Academy players


“Living Tennis are the main providers of tennis at Claires Court. Their coaches have an excellent understanding of how to introduce the sport and know how to develop boys and girls abilities exceptionally well. We work in partnership with them to provide the best educational outcomes for their aspiring academy tennis players, whose training and study completely dominate their time. Living Tennis work really closely with the School to ensure the child’s coaching programme jigsaws well with the vital academic elements of the school timetable. The mentoring and pastoral support across the two organisations safeguards the best outcomes for them."

“Alongside this we have been able to enhance our school enrichment programme with a quality tennis provision and our teachers’ knowledge and understanding of the game has been enhanced with them working alongside Living Tennis’s professional coaches.”

James Wilding - Academic Principal - Claires Court

“The success of our relationship with Living Tennis is evident with Claires Court pupils now competing in the national arena alongside some of the best tennis schools in the country. Since our partnership we have seen the level of our pupils performance improve to such a level that they have reached regional finals, placing one of teams as one of the top four in the country. 

“Bisham Abbey is an amazing place to train, and whether pupils are playing at a competitive level or enjoying sessions as part of our activities programme, the environment and world class facilities there are inspiring.”

Jo Cox - Head of PE at Senior Girls - Claires Court

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